Tab_One of Kooley High

Tab_One visits us at The Setlist to treat us to some awesome tracks from his The Tabloids and Madflowridiculous LPs!

Performing with Tab_One are DJ Gonzo and Napoleon Wright II.

If you're watching on a dekstop, you can click the Sections at the bottom of the video to jump to a specific part.

0:00 - Land of the Brave
2:51 - Interview #1
5:50 - Vc Insd My Hd
9:04 - Interview #2
11:49 - Sunshinin' feat. Napoleon Wright II

Jabari Harris is a Raleigh native who does freelance photography and videography in the Triangle area. When he’s not bartending, you can find him enjoying a local show, catching the latest indie flick at the Rialto, and running the 919 with his woes.

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