Octopus Jones

Octopus Jones are a three-piece psych/surf rock band out of Raleigh, NC. Their 2014 album, Phantasmagoria, was listed by as one of the year's best. We were thrilled to have Octopus Jones appear on The Setlist to play songs from their upcoming album, El Guapo Sessions, which comes out next month.

The band moved here as a whole from South Carolina and was a four-piece. Last summer, their guitarist and second songwriter, Tyler Morris, "quit the band this summer in a messy split accompanied by social-media jabs."

That being said, Octopus Jones' performance on this episode of The Setlist proves that the band is stronger than ever, creating great songs and lush textures. Frontman Danny Martin is ever the showman, jumping out from behind the keyboard to bust out some glam rock moves. Bassist Clay Carlisle and drummer Darrin Cripe lay down some of the thickest grooves that keep you entranced in the music. 

Octopus Jones just spent the past few months recording their new album titled, El Guapo Sessions, recorded at ¡El Guapo! Recorders in Winston-Salem. The album is now finished and comes out on August 13th.