Absent Lovers

Absent Lovers aren't just a band, they're storytellers as well. This sci-fi, cyberpunk prog-rock band bases their songs firmly in the world of the imagination alongside others such as William Gibson and John Carpenter. 

The first two songs in this episode, Stasis and Self Aware, are the middle two parts of a four-part piece based on the novel Neuromancer. The final song, Who Goes There? is based on the cult film, The Thing. (Which features Kurt Russel, who also plays Snake Plissken...which just happens to tie into our next episode with Snake and the Plisskens!)

If you haven't had the opportunity to catch Absent Lovers live, you are definitely missing out! The symmetrically matched guitars of Dylan Marcone and Drew Smith craft a pretty intense soundscape, supported by the damn fine bass riffs of Matt Farrow and the drumming of Clay Bravo. 

Absent Lovers are currently working on their new album, set for release later this year.