Homebrewing For The Summer

Later this summer the wife and I will take part in the annual family vacation with her parents, brothers, and their families. As the "beer expert" (and homebrewer) of the group, I'm always tasked with providing the beer for the trip.

I usually try to have 4 or 5 different beers to choose from.  Because of the tight schedule, I usually just pick up a bunch of ingredient kits from Bull City Homebrew, since the beer they make tends to get very positive reviews.  Here's a rundown of my plan:

CREAM ALE - Brewed and bottled.  This one is ready to go, and pretty tasty.  Light and crisp.  The hard part will be not drinking it all before the trip.

CHERRY WHEAT - Brewed and fermented, this was a wheat beer kit that I added a can of pureed cherries to (also available at BCHB).  I added the cherries two weeks ago and plan to let it sit for four weeks total. I made this one last year (first time adding flavor to a batch) and it was pretty popular.  Let's hope lightning strikes twice!

PALE ALE - Brewed and bottled last week.  No one in the group is a huge hophead, so this will serve as the hoppy beer option for the trip.

HONEY BROWN - Brown ales are usually crowd-pleasers.  Not sure what the "honey" aspect of this recipe is, I haven't opened the box yet and poked around.  Sounds interesting though.  I'll probably make this one this weekend.

??? - If I have time I'll brew a fifth beer, though I haven't settled on a style yet.  I was thinking of something darker- like a porter- since I don't really have a dark beer option yet.  However, darker beers aren't always the most popular beer during the summer, so maybe I don't even need one.  At the same time, my father-in-law loves kolsch beers.  Another one everyone seems to like is the scottish ale, the kit for which is quick and easy- and cheap.

So that's my homebrewing plan for the rest of the summer. I'm hoping to take about 200 beers on the trip.  Don't worry, I have the bottle issue under control.

Actually, it might be a little out of control.

Any suggestions of the fifth beer?  What do you think I should brew to round out the selection?