A Visit To Neuse River Brewing

Last week I found myself in the Five Points part of town, so I decided to stop by Neuse River Brewing and see how things were coming along.  Lots of progress has been made and the guys were very generous in taking a few minutes out of their construction to talk to me.

The taproom at Neuse River Brewing.  Photograph by Robert S. Walters

One exciting bit of information I took away from our conversation was their commitment to having their own beer ready to serve at the time of their grand opening.  From the looks of it they plan to have either 3 or 4 beers ready to go at launch, and they plan to start brewing as soon as they receive their certificate of occupancy.

As for the date of their grand opening, they still plan to open their doors sometime this summer, though an exact date hasn't been etched into stone.  In fact, shortly after my visit they posted the following message online:

Sending out a quick note to make sure everyone is aware our 6/6 Grand Opening has been postponed… Unfortunately, permitting took a tad longer than anticipated. Although we will not be ready this weekend, we are cruising down the home stretch and hope to have a firm date for you soon. It will not be announced until we are 100% positive we can deliver so, hold tight and know we are working as hard as we can to get you in the building.

The place looks great and I can't wait to try their beer.  Hopefully a new date will be announced soon!

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