Congratulations to The Hell No and the successful funding of their Kickstarter campaign!  The campaign ended yesterday with the band having raised $7,166 ($166 over their $7,000 goal) to record their debut album.

According to the latest post on the page, the band is not wasting any time and has already booked studio time in July to record the album, so new material should be on the way soon!

Congratulations again to the band on reaching their goal, and thank you to everyone who does their part to support indie music.

From the band's Bandcamp page:

The Hell No is a dynamic combination of punk 'n roll, blues rock, and heavy metal, creating sweeping melodies, powerful harmonies, and candid verses. Vocalist Brenna combines smoky blues and explosive soul, while Adam, lead guitarist, delicately intertwines metal, rock n’ roll, and blues riffs. Ash and Dave Mac create energetic rhythms that support lightning fast guitar work and intense vocals.