2015 WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest

Here's hoping everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!  Mine was enjoyable, though mostly uneventful (aside from an awesome shoot for The Setlist on Sunday which you can read about here).  Things did kick off in interesting fashion on Friday afternoon though, as I attended WRAL's Freedom Balloon Fest in Zebulon.

Aside from the well-documented traffic issues we had a great time.  We managed to make it to the VIP parking lot before it filled up and arrived at the main field just as the balloons were beginning to take off.

After watching the ascension we headed to the food tent which featured some local favorites like Stickboy Bread and Howling Wolf ice cream.  Then we headed back to the field and staked out our spots for the evening glow event.  Only about six of the original forty-plus balloons were able to make it back for the glow, but the result was stunning nonetheless.

I also got this great video of a hot air balloon getting inflated.  Check it out:

Our experience was very positive and we're hoping next year's event is even better.  Check out some more of our photos below and feel free to share any of yours with us on Facebook and Twitter!