Empty Bowls 2015 Roundup

I work outside and I eat a lot of soup.  For lunch during the summer I usually make myself a sandwich, but in the winter when it's bitter cold outside, it's soup- every day.

Last week I had the privilege of being a guest judge at the 5th Annual Empty Bowls event to benefit the Urban Ministries of Durham.  Along with a very talented group of local journalists and personalities I got to sample 14 different soups from different Durham restaurants and I can honestly say there wasn't a single one I wouldn't recommend.

Now I'm no connoisseur or professional critic and to be honest I'm not a picky eater.  But as I mentioned earlier, I know a thing or two about soup and let me say, these restaurants all brought their A-game.

The event was great!  In total Urban Ministries raised $86,083 for their cause!  Huge props are deserved for everyone involved- from the organizers and volunteers to the participating restaurants and of course the fantastic panel of judges- all of whom are far more qualified than myself.

TOP (left to right): Matt Coppedge, Eryk Pruitt, Bob Walters, Piper Kessler.  BOTTOM: Tracey Coppedge, Anthony Wilson, Aaron Mandel, Victoria Bouloubasis Monique Velasquez.  Photo by Anthony Wilson

Empty Bowls is the signature event for Urban Ministries of Durham, the private, non-sectarian downtown charity that provides food, shelter and a future to neighbors in need, ending homelessness for 289 people in a single year. At Empty Bowls 2015, you'll have the chance to sample soups prepared by these 14 local restaurants and vote for your favorites. Local artists and artisans are making hundreds of hand-crafted bowls, and with certain tickets, you can select one to take home. The family-friendly evening includes a live band and the chance to learn more about the important work Urban Ministries of Durham does to feed, clothe and shelter our neighbors.