Sunday's Shoot

A message from Konrad Arnold, director of The Setlist:

Shiloh Hill

We had a blast shooting future episodes of The Setlist yesterday!

Thanks to Adam Lindstaedt, Nick LaRock, and Jac Cain over at The Pour House Music Hall for having us and helping us put on a great event.

Thanks to everyone in Shiloh HillThe BourbonsThe Dirty Politicians and No Love for being a part of this and putting on a great show! You guys are definitely awesome.

No Love

Thanks to Matt Dunn for being a great interviewer. If you don't already listen to Damaged Goods Radio, then you should start.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the production:
Michael Howard, Bryan Miller, Bill L Elias, Tom Gore, Tom O'Larnic, Karen Withem (she came out on her birthday!), Lewis Pifer, Robert Walters and Jabari Harris. And of course, I can't forget my Twin Maples Media Group partners, Robert Gordon and Tim Bell.

Thanks to everyone who came out and had a great time! You guys rock!



New episodes of The Setlist are currently scheduled for release in April.  For updates, follow The Setlist and Twin Maples Media on Twitter.

The Dirty Politicians

The Dirty Politicians

The Bourbons

The Bourbons