The Setlist Premieres January 7th!

A few months ago we shared a blog post about a new show we were working on.  We're excited to announce that the first episode of that show, The Setlist, will premiere on January 7th!

The Setlist is an all-access pass the local music scene here in the Triangle.  Get to know your favorite local musicians in a way that's never been done before as the artists themselves sit down with us and discuss their stories and their craft, intercut with tracks from a live performance at an iconic local venue!

One of the cool things about this show is that the performances recorded for the episode are open to the public, so if you keep your ear to the ground you just might be able to attended the filming of one of our episodes!

The pilot episode features a staple of the local music scene,  punk/metal band The Hell No!  Big thanks to Brenna, Adam, Ash, and Dave for talking to us, and especially our ringmaster Matt Dunn for such a great interview!  We also have to give a big shoutout to the folks at The Pour House for hosting the event!

Very excited for this one!  Hope you are too!