Series Premiere Tonight: Kanka Sorz

We're excited to announce that we've added a new show to TLTV!  Kanka Sorz is a new webseries from actor/director Don Sill shot right here in the Triangle.  The series stars Sill as Sir-Vive and John Grant as Johnny G, two 80's rappers trying to restart their career.

Don Sill (left) and Jon Grant (right) as Sir-Vive and Johnny G.

Official Synopsis:
The Kanka Sorz is the story of two bumbling, middle-aged, rappers who are on a mission to return to the rap industry after 25 years. The show follows the always optimistic Sir-Vive and Johnny G through their trials and tribulations as they fumble their way into the hip-hop scene.

Kanka Sorz made their debut last year in the mockumentary Change of Scenery:

The first episode of the series debuts tonight at 6pm, with new episodes every Saturday through April 4th.

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