Changes Coming To The Yardcast

As proud as I am of the Yardcast, it hasn't been living up to my expectations lately.  I find myself producing and uploading episodes at the last minute, and the result feels slapped together and incomplete.  My thought is that if I want the show to be a long term resource for people with yard work questions, it's better to put out fewer episodes that are great and authoritative rather than 52 shoddy ones.  Right?  Will people visiting the page 5 years from now really care if I skipped a week here and there?

So I'm going to focus on writing and putting together better episodes of the Yardcast, possibly at the expense of keeping up with the weekly release schedule.  That said, I'd like to increase the amount of content on the show's page with things like written instructions, plant fact sheets, Q&A's and photos.  Stuff like that is much easier and quicker to do than videos.

On that note, I'm also hoping to get out of my own yard and into the community more.  Look for more collaboration with local nurseries, garden centers, arboretums, and homeowners in the future.  Hopefully this will turn the Yardcast into a more well-rounded resource and create a more active community to share everyone's ideas rather than just my own.

Thanks to everyone who's enjoyed the show so far.  I look forward to upping the ante in the coming year!