Facebook Makes Life Difficult

Dear Facebook: you suck.

I tried to create a corporate page for TLTV a year ago, but it was a complete minefield of weirdness.

Instead I created a group page, which is forever joined at the hip with my personal page.  Oh joy.

This should create some nice synergy between the two, right?  Nope.  I can't seem to share posts from one page to the other.  Oh, I'm given the option all right.  But when I'm logged into my personal account and try to share a post on the TLTV page it doesn't show up.  Where did it go?    Should I file a report?  Form a search party?

I'll just have the TLTV page 'like/friend' things I want to get updates on.  Wait.  My group can't 'like/friend' a personal page?  That sucks.  There are a lot of contractors/freelancers that use their personal FB page for work stuff.  This really cuts me off from a lot of people.

Oh well, I know a lot of the groups their in.  I'll just have the TLTV page 'like' those groups.  What?  One group can't 'like/join' another group?  What the hell, man?

Long story short, it appears a Facebook group can only subscribe to corporate pages.  Oh well.  No big deal.  I'll just wait a week and maybe Facebook will change it's format.  Again.