New Scheduling Format

Now that things have chugged along smoothly for a while it's time to start finding areas we can tweak to make the whole experience better for you.

The first thing that comes to mind is scheduling.  We originally wanted each show to have an episode every week, but that didn't seem feasible with everyone's busy schedules.  So we decided to do one episode each month which would contain an entire interview or multiple segments.  This is the format the pilots were released in.

It quickly became clear that these hour-long episodes were too much for the YouTube audience's attention span, so we decided to break them up into parts.  Each month would still feature one subject, but the episodes would be spread out over the month.

The result was pretty wonky.  The Yardcast would release an episode the first week of the month and then three on the last week of the month.  All the Local Film Talk episodes would come out on the second week of the month.  It served its purpose, but the system was so convoluted that no one- especially the audience- knew when anything was coming on.

For the first few months we mainly focused on keeping things on schedule and not falling behind.  Now that we have a rhythm, it's time to start fixing things that don't work- like the release schedule.

It occurred to me the other day that most of our shows now put out 5-7 episodes per month.  Ironic, since we originally couldn't produce 4 a month.  So our new plan is for each show to pick a day of the week and release an episode on that day, every week.  Local Film Talk will come out on Mondays, Das Beer Show will be on Thursdays, and the Yardcast will post new episodes on Fridays.  In addition, rather than focusing on one subject per month we're going to create a little variety by mixing them together.  Our hope is that this will make the shows more interesting and allow us to incorporate special events more seamlessly.

So that's our new release format.  It will take effect immediately for Das Beer Show and the Yardcast.  Local Film Talk will start releasing episodes only on Mondays, but it may be a while before we can mix those episodes up since they weren't shot to be divided up that way.

It'll be a learning process, but I think it will make the shows better in the end.  Let us know what you think so we can do our best to give you the shows you want to see.