The Yardcast's Dirty Secret

To be perfectly honest, the most difficult show to produce is the Yardcast.

The problem is that I do it all myself.  There's no crew, just me.  I live so far away from everyone else that it's not practical for someone to drive all the way out to my place to hold the camera.  So I just set it on a tripod and film myself.

Sounds easy enough, but it can be hard to find the time to shoot.  Believe it or not, it's easier to schedule a shoot for a specific time and date with a bunch of other people.  You're locked in.  You've made a commitment.  Other people are going to take time out of their day to be there, so you can't just blow it off.

When it's just you, it's easy to find excuses.  It's too hot.  I have errands to run.  The dishes are piling up.  That playoff game isn't going to watch itself.  Even other TLTV activities like editing can lead me to put off a one-man shoot.  It's very easy for life to get in the way and it can be pretty frustrating.

As most homeowners can tell you, this also applies to yard work in general.  Other activities can take priority over landscaping and to be honest, my yard can get pretty rough looking sometimes.  Despite how easy I say it is to keep your yard looking great, I myself don't always have the time to do it.  Look closely at some of the Yardcast episodes and you can see some out of control weeds in the background.

Case in point- I did zero yard work in July.  I was too busy 4th of July weekend.  The next weekend it rained.  Then I went on vacation for two weeks.  By the end of the month you'd think our house was in foreclosure.  I couldn't shoot an episode in front of a yard that looked like that.

Then I got an idea.

You see there's not much to talk about in August; just keep the grass mowed (covered in the June episode) and prune the bushes if necessary (July episode).  So I decided to make the restoration of my yard the focus this month.  It was a surprisingly fun project (thanks to an audio book and some unseasonably cool weather).

I'm looking forward to sharing these episodes.  Hopefully it will help anyone else who feels their yard is too far gone.  All you have to do is roll up your sleeves and put in the time, something I must admit even I don't always have.