Lining Up Great Episodes for DBS and LFT

The past week has been kind of crazy.

All three of our shows- Das Beer Show, Local Film Talk, and the Yardcast released episodes.  The previous week our site had over 150 views but this week it was less than 50.  The main reason is because I was curious to see if people were more apt to click on a link to a website or a YouTube video, so most of the time I included the YouTube link in my tweets instead of our website to see what would happen.  Despite the low number of hits to our site, the YouTube views for everything we put out last week totalled about 150 views.  I guess it's all about deciding where it's more important to you that your traffic be routed.

On Wednesday Local Film Talk interviewed John Demers and the folks behind The Rusty Bucket Kids, then on Sunday we sat down with Christopher Moore to discuss his new short Disengaged.  This puts enough LFT shows in the can to get us through the end of the year.

Das Beer Show had a big week too.  On Thursday I setup an interview with Nickelpoint, the new brewery openiing up in the Five Points area.  On Saturday I setup interviews with Bull City Burgers & Beer and Triangle Brewing Company, thus giving us all the breweries in Durham.  It also takes care of that show through November.

I was up late last night editing Fortnight tasting episodes for this week.  Turns out we got four!  Plus a little bonus content- you'll have to check out @DasBeerShow on Twitter to find that link.

Suffice to say I'm very tired.  I think a siesta is in order.


BONUS COMTENT - Fortnight Chugging Contest

BONUS COMTENT - Fortnight Chugging Contest