Shout-outs for June.

In my last rambling blog post I gave a general 'thank you' to the people who made possible everything we did in June, but I'd like to take a moment to call everyone out by name.

First of course is my scurvy camera crew, Matt Bussey and Adam Lamer.  They run the cameras on Das Beer Show and Local Film Talk shoots and do a damn good job of it.  Matt also edits Local Film Talk and he did a great job on the June episodes.

Speaking of LFT, I'd like to thank Spencer J Fox for talking to us, especially when we didn't have a real track record yet.  Spencer discussed his passion project "E.Z." which you can learn more about and donate to on their website.  To see more of Spencer's work, check out "Scorpion" and "The Super Femmes."  Local Film Talk also owes a HUGE thanks to David Kracke and Natty Greene's for letting us film in The Greene Room.  I couldn't have hoped for a more amazing place to shoot and their generosity is greatly appreciated.

Das Beer Show would like to thank Mike Rollinson of Natty Greene's for taking the time to talk to us.  We had a great time and the beer (especially the hefe) was delicious!  DBS has a fantastic host in Kyle Hefley, manager at Bull City Homebrew.  Kyle knows more about beer than anyone I know, and more importantly he's great at talking to people of all knowledge levels.  I also have to thank Scott Michaels and Scott Hackett for their remarkable work on "Beer Chat with the Scotts."  I don't tell them what to do, they just come up with that stuff on the fly, I swear.  Finally a huge thanks to BCHB owner Nate Dizo for all his cooperation.  Without it there might not be a DBS.

Last but not least is the Yardcast.  That one's kind of a one-man show, except for the plant profile episodes.  For those I have to thank my parents, Bob and Peggy Walters.  Neither are used to being on camera, but it's hard to tell from the great job they've done so far.  The shrub and tree profiles were filmed at Taylor's Nursery, so I have to thank owner Richard Taylor and compliment him on the quality of plants we had to choose from.  Likewise I'd like to thank Steve and Dixie Wyant, the owners of Wilde Oaks Nursery (especially Dixie, who appears in a few episodes) for allowing us to film the flower profiles in their greenhouse.  In both cases I'm not sure the owners knew what to expect and I hope their happy with the results.  I sure am.

In addition Rachel Hunter and The Nightly Grind crew have provided us with some great comedy, while Matt has generously allowed us to add A 1-UP Kind of Life to our lineup.

And then there's the other stuff we have in the works.  It always bugs me when people say "I'm working on something I can't talk about yet" and then you never find out what they were talking about.  Did it fall through?  Was it that thing that happened four years later?  Dammit, you shouldn't have said anything in the first place cuz now I'm frustrated and full of questions!  Well, now that I know what it's like to be in that guy's shoes, I'll go ahead and say we're working on a food show and a music show.  I'll share more as things fall into place.

That's pretty much it.  It's a small band of misfits that sail this ship, but Ill take them over any professional outfit in a heartbeat.