Long time, no see...

It's been a while- a month and a half since the last post!  What gives?

To be honest, between Normal Life and the work required to get this site through its first full month of new content, I haven't had the time to write a new blog post.  I maybe could have thrown up something short, but with so much going on I felt like I needed to come out with a proper post.  Besides, that short stuff is called "Facebook status updates."

Speaking of lessons learned about blogging, The month of June has taught me all sorts of new things.  For starters I learned that few things in life fall into the "if you build it they will come" category.  You have to work to get attention.  The view count on our videos so far is pretty low, and it's clear to me now that growing interest in the site will be a long and involved process.

But I'm not deterred.  Personally I'm really proud of the content we've put online this month and I'm especially grateful for the hard work and dedication of everyone working on this project (see our "US" page).  The ultimate goal is to make this site profitable, but for now everyone is toiling away completely voluntary, so I can't thank them enough!

I'm also excited about the future.  Not only do we have great episodes of our current shows to look forward to, but we have a few other projects in the works.  We have a group working on a local foodie show, and possibly another group doing one about local bands.  Both are in very early stages and anything could happen, but this goes to show that our vision of creating a site that covers all things local is slowly coming to fruition.  Hopefully positive movement will be made on those shows and I'll be able to share more soon.

I guess I'll wrap up before this turns into novella.  Coming in July we'll have interviews with Fullsteam, a look at ARE+'s ARCAM system, and a guide to pruning your yard- as well as more plant profiles!  Check back regularly- we'll have a new episode just about every other day!