Two episodes in one day.

It’s been a busy weekend.

On Saturday afternoon we filmed an episode of Local Film Talk.  It was our first time shooting in the Greene Room at Natty Greene’s in downtown Raleigh- big thanks to those guys for letting us use their space.  Going into it I was worried about the light coming through the huge bay windows on a bright sunny day.  Fortunately the room was brightly lit and we found a comfy lounging area that with a few studio lights ended up looking great.  I’m looking forward to our next shoot in the Greene Room which will be in the evening and will be a discussion with Natty Greene’s brewmaster for Das Beer Show.

The interview we shot yesterday was with local actor Spencer Fox about a project he’s trying to get off the ground, a pilot for a web series titled “E.Z.” (  It’s the story of a modern day prohibition against smoking and a group of mobsters who open an underground smoking club at the insistence of the ghost of Al Capone.  It sounds like crazy tons of fun!  Spencer’s vision is huge and ambitious, but you can’t make a splash if you don’t think big!  I wish him the best of luck and you can learn more about Spencer and “E.Z.” when the episode drops this summer.

After the LFT shoot I went home and noticed my front yard was looking a bit shaggy.  Camera equipment in hand, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and shoot a quick episode for the Yardcast.  Since the information in this episode is relevant now it will go online as soon as I edit it rather than waiting til the summer like the rest of our shows.  Keep an eye out for this one!  The information covered in it is some of the most important you’ll need to keep your yard looking great!

That’s all for now.  These were our first shoots using our new camera and I’ll post my thoughts on it when I have time to go into more depth.  Right now I have a Yardcast episode to edit...