Making progress & lighting tests

Very productive weekend!  We've got rough cuts of a couple new episodes and we also set up a few interviews this weekend.  It's really exciting to see these shows coming together and we're looking forward to sharing them with you in just over a month.

One of the fun parts of producing these shows is getting better along the way.  Our new episodes are a huge step above the pilots and I can't wait to see what we'll learn next.

One thing I'm looking at right now is lighting.  It's very important to know how to light well on the fly in an unfamiliar location when you're shooting all over town.  To achieve this I've been looking at an LED work light I found at Home Depot.  I purchased one of these 2500 lumen lights last year and put together this test video:

I haven't played with it since, but I'm pretty sure I can toss a sheet or a pillow case on it for diffusion and to adjust the color temperature.  Look for some more test videos in the near future.  Hopefully I'll figure out a system we can use on our run-and-gun shoots.

Well, back to work.  Lots of cool stuff to work on...