Lining 'em up...

It’s officially Baseball Season.  April is also North Carolina Beer Month.  Personally I plan to celebrate by bottling my oatmeal stout and brewing a batch of… well, I don’t know yet.  And drink them both, of course.  While watching baseball.  April = owned.

This week has been very email intensive, but it’s already paying off.  So far we’ve lined up an interview with Natty Greene’s ( for Das Beer Show at the end of the month.  And this Saturday we’ll be talking to actor Spencer Fox about his new project “E.Z.” ( for Local Film Talk.

We’re hard at work on episodes for our flagship shows and even developing some new series.  I’m also hoping to get a few videos posted between now and June to help ease the wait.  :-)

In the meantime I’ll continue to post here.  Looking forward to a very productive April.