Cinema Symposium

Last night my wife saw Die Hard for the first time.  It wasn't at home, even though we have the movie on Blu-ray.  It was at the Common 414 in downtown Raleigh, where producer Andrew Martin (whom we interviewed on Local Film Talk) has begun hosting a new screening series called Cinema Symposium.  It's a gathering of film geeks where we can get together and re-watch some of our favorite movies and just maybe- as in my wife's case- discover something new.

I missed the first two screenings in October and November.  I forget what the movies were.  December actually offered two screenings: in addition to last night's Die Hard, The Shop Around the Corner was shown last week.  That was my first experience with the group, after which I walked over to the IMAX theater to pickup my wife after her Hobbit Trilogy marathon.

Cinema Symposium has been quite successful so far and Andrew plans to continue it.  An official website is in the works and suggestions for the monthly screenings are being tossed around.  I have to say it's a great event and the Common 414 has been very generous to host the events.  I definitely plan on continuing to go.

If you're interested you can check out the site in it's current state and sign up for notifications on Facebook.  Admission to the screenings is free.  If you're a local cinephile please feel free to join us.  These are movies meant to be seen with crowds, because great movies provoke great conversations.