Coming This Week...

This week brings us the penultimate episode of Local Film Talk and the last Das Beer Show and Yardcast of 2014.

This week on Local Film Talk we'll wrap up our conversation with Mike Andreas.  Personally I found it really interesting to talk to someone with such a wealth of industry experience and I'm excited to see his documentary on the U.S.S. Turner Joy come to fruition.  This episode focuses on release and distribution, something of interest to all filmmakers out there.  Mike also hints at ideas for future projects, which sound like a cool and unique twist on familiar genres.  Look for this episode tomorrow!

It seems traditional to do a "best of" episode at the end of the year, and who am I to argue?  I've never done one before and look forward to trying something new.  Besides, our audience has grown so much (500% since our June debut!) that a lot of them are probably unfamiliar with our earlier episodes.

So this week's DBS and Yardcast episodes will look back at their best moments/episodes in 2014.  If you'd like to help by suggesting what should be included I'd love to hear from you!  You can send your thoughts to any of the shows' email addresses or to the main TLTV address:


Das Beer Show:

Local Film Talk:


Thanks to everyone, from our staff to the audience for making this such a great year!