Coming This Week!

I'm traveling this week, but that's not stopping us from updating all our shows!  Here's a look at what's new this week:

Triangle Food Addicts - The end of November has brought us a new episode of our youngest show!  In this installment, Joe takes a trip to Durham and sits down with the owners of Primal Food & Spirits.  This restaurant is looking to the past to provide a tastier, healthier dining experience for their guests with everything from gluten-free hamburger buns to locally-sourced ingredients for their mixed drinks.

Local Film Talk - Our conversation with director Michael Babbitt continues!  This week we discuss the importance of specialization- knowing what your good at and finding skilled individuals to fill the other roles.  This episode reminds us that film is a collaborative medium and it takes teamwork to elevate your project to the next level.

Das Beer Show - While I put the final touches on the next wave of new episodes I thought it might be fun to revisit something we haven't done in a while: Brew Chat with the Scotts!  These episodes were a lot of fun to make and we're looking forward to producing more as soon as we can coordinate all our schedules.  In the meantime, this episode is a great primer for expanding your beer IQ.

Yardcast - Because I'm traveling this week I didn't have time to finish editing the next episode on winterizing your equipment.  That will come next week.  This week we'll focus on another chore: weeding for winter.  If you've let weeds grow in your yard, now is a great time to get rid of them since nothing is growing again until spring.  To help you out we'll be reposting not just one, but TWO episodes that cover everything you need to know about tackling weeds.

And while I regret that this trip has forced us to show a few reruns this week, don't think I haven't found a way to mine new content from my travels.  Look forward to new episodes stemming from my trip in the very near future!

Hope you're all as excited for these shows as I am!  Stay tuned!