Lessons From Our Christopher G. Moore Interview

A few words about yesterday's Local Film Talk episode...

Yesterday we debuted the first part of our interview with director Christopher G. Moore.  Looking back it was an important shoot for us and a turning point in a lot of ways.

First, we had a guest host in director Dean Garris.  This was our first time having someone else ask the questions and I think we can all agree Dean did a great job.  It came about because one of our camera operators could make the shoot, and rather than try to give someone a crash course in operating our cameras I thought it would be easier to work the camera myself and find someone else to conduct the interview.  When I pitched the idea to Dean he immediately said yes, and on the day of the shoot he arrived with his questions all written out.

Which brings me to the second milestone.  It was Dean's idea to break the interview into shorter segments, each focusing on a specific topic.  We'd tried to do this before in editing, but the interviews themselves had always been one long, rambling conversation.  Dean's model worked so well that we've adopted it as our new format to great success, and you'll be able to see it in our interviews with Andrew Martin & Kieran Moreira and Evan Kidd.

Finally, Dean was running a few minutes late and this was actually fortuitous because it gave us time to finesse the lighting for the first time.  We'd never given lighting the time and attention it deserved and a lot of our early episodes look pretty bad because of it.  This time we had the time to play around with our setup and the result is what I consider our best looking episode so far.  We've gotten better and faster at it since, and you can even see what we learned here carried over into some of our recent episodes of Das Beer Show.

So that's a little peek behind the scenes.  We're always happy to share what we learn along the way so others don't have to make the same mistakes.  Stay tuned for more cool BTS stuff in the future!