What's Off-Topic: Follow-Up

Today we posted a new episode of the Yardcast and I found myself again wondering who the audience is and where to post about it. Since the episode is about taking care of your lawn equipment it would seem almost any group would have some members who own a lawnmower and would find the information useful.

This reminded me of a similar situation a few weeks ago and I thought I'd take this opportunity to follow up.  I'd posted a Yardcast episode about putting up Christmas decorations in all the Facebook groups I'm a member of, along with an accompanying blog post asking for feedback on what people found relevant and what was inappropriate and off topic.  While the results weren't surprising, people were very polite and helpful in their responses.  I even heard back from a few admins who offered some tips to avoid having posts removed for being off topic.

While there were a few people in almost every group who liked the post, the general consensus was- not surprisingly- to stick to the group topic.  Don't overthink what the group members might be interested in, guessing games that err on the side of spamming won't be appreciated.  Shocking, I know.  But I thought it was worth asking.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to follow up on that previous post and thank everyone who offered feedback.  I for one will practice more discretion in deciding where to post an episode.  Feedback is always welcome and we're open to suggestions for things you would find interesting.  And if you do enjoy the work we do on subjects not related to the topic at hand, you can simply visit our site to see what's new.

Thanks again for your help, everyone.  Now back to work...