New Yardcast Episode Delayed

Due to technical difficulties, this week's episode of the Yardcast will be late.

Sometimes we run into problems, most notably when the Harbinger episode of Local Film Talk was so large it kept crashing my computer while rendering.   In this case, every time I render out our current Yardcast episode it's full of glitches and pixelating.  I've gone back to the source footage and it's not there, so there's something wrong with the rendering process that I'll have to work out.  But since these things stay up forever once I post them, I'd like the final product to be as clean as possible.

Problems like this are inevitable when you're trying to use an older, under-powered machine to do the kind of intense processing that video production requires.  My computer frequently shits itself and locks up or crashes, at least more often than it should.  Once we figure out the business end of this site my first order of business is to upgrade the computers we use to edit.

Hopefully this will be the last time this sort of problem affects a release.  The next few episodes are already done and I hope to get even further ahead over the holiday break.  A backlog of completed episodes is a luxury we've never really had, but I think we might be able to accomplish it soon.  This will allow us share more info about upcoming episodes and find fun was to promote them, which will be good for everyone.

So again I apologize that today's Yardcast episode will be late.  Hopefully I can figure it out when I get home from work today and post it later this evening.  Follow us on Twitter for updates.  We'll let you know as soon as it goes up.