Our Look at Harbinger Continues...

This week on Local Film Talk we're going to continue to feature or behind the scenes discussion of Harbinger.  There are a few reasons for this.

The first is the fact that we got the episode up late last week and I don't want to short change it.  The problem was that my computer, which can be a bit unstable, couldn't seem to make it through the 6-8 hour encoding process required by a 45 minute episode without crashing.  It's frustrating to go to work while a long video's encoding and then come home to find a Blue Screen of Death and know you've wasted the entire day and now the machine will be tied up all night too so you can't get anymore work done.

I finally figured out a configuration of settings that dropped the render time down to about 3 hours and the computer was able to handle that, but by then it was Wednesday night and the episode had to share the spotlight with a regularly scheduled episode of Das Beer Show.  And if we put out another episode today, the Harbinger BTS would only be up for 4 days, which hardly seems fair.

The other reason we're featuring the episode again this week is because it's so massive.  At 45 minutes it's not something you can watch quickly at work, so I want to give people plenty of time to discover it and watch it.  It really is a very detailed discussion of the production process and anyone interested in filmmaking should definitely watch it all the way through to get a sense of what it takes to pull off a project like this.  I can't thank Andrew and Kierian enough for being so open with us.

So there you go.  Next Monday will bring a brand new episode of Local Film Talk, but for now do yourself a favor and check out our behind the scenes look at Harbinger.  Remember you can watch it in the comfort of your living room using Chromecast, or down load the podcast so you can listen to the episode while exercising, raking leaves, jogging, etc.