Yardcast Update

In today's episode of the Yardcast we're dipping back into the well and looking at the Southern Magnolia tree.  This is partialy due to time constraints, but there were a few other factors too.

To be honest we have some other episodes filmed, but they're all profiles of flowers- flowers that thrive in the summer and die in the fall.  While new content is always preferable to reruns, it seemed pointless to do an episode about something that's not in stores anymore (and if you have it in your yard you're pulling it up right now).

This time of year, on the other hand, is the perfect time to be planting shrubs and trees.  In the winter while the plants lose their leaves and go dormant the roots continue to grow.  Planting now gives them time to spread out into the surrounding soil before the plant blooms and demands much more energy and water for growth and photosynthesis.

So if you're thinking about doing any planting in your yard, now is the time to do it.  Look back at our catalog of Yardcast episodes to get some ideas for what to use and where to use them.  Our archive isn't extensive yet, but it'll give you a good start.

Anyway, this week we'll look back at one of my favorite trees, the magnolia.  It's great if you want something with fragrant flowers.  I'm actually planning to plant one or two in my back yard- when I get around to tackling that project, that is (that will be an ongoing series of episodes).

Next week we'll be back with all new episodes, including one in particular that we filmed at Homewood Nursery that I'm really eager to share.  Stay tuned, great stuff is on the way!