Two Shows, One Beer.

A funny thing happened this week- Das Beer Show and the NC Beer Guys each released an episode on the same beer in the same week.

I have no idea how this happened.  We chose to go with our episode on Triangle Brewing Company's Imperial Amber Stout because we thought the ghoulish story behind the beer would make a good Halloween episode.  I can't speak to the NC Beer Guys' logic, but since their episode came out a few days before ours there's no way they could have known.  It's just a crazy coincidence.

So I'm writing this post to encourage you to watch them both.  They're different shows with different styles and different approaches to beer.  Perhaps you'll discover something awesome you didn't know was out there, which is the whole reason these shows exist in the first place.

Personally I think competition is healthy and encourages all of us to step up our game.  This is why one of Das Beer Show's mantras is "more craft beer is always a good thing."  Shouldn't the same be true for beer shows?