The Novella in Crime Fiction

Out to prove that BIGGER isn’t always BETTER, the Crime Scene with Eryk Pruitt sits down with three authors of crime novellas, including one that is a publisher. S.W. LAUDEN (Crosswise), ANGEL COLON (The Fury of Blacky Jaguar) and All Due Respect’s Mike Monson (A Killer’s Love) talked about their experiences with the novella and much, much more, with Hashtag author Eryk Pruitt on March 14, 2016 a.d.

Eurydice Belgian Quad (Mystery Brewing)

Mystery Brewing Company is celebrating their 4th anniversary with a sampler of the Belgian beers they've made each year.  The NC Beer Guys got their hands on one of the 4-packs and shared their thoughts on Mystery's latest effort, the Eurydice Belgian Quad:

From Mystery Brewing's website:
Eurydice was the final piece that we needed to put together for our Birthday 4-pack and the only beer that wasn't going to be a re-make of a previous release.  I wanted something that was going to be related to Orpheus but not just a big version of it...Instead, I looked for inspiration to one of most well-known beers in the world:  Westvleteren 12.

For my version I went with a simple grist of base malt (and a big helping of that from NC) and Caramel Munich, and then added in some molasses for an extra oomph and to make it all mine.  The result is, I think, pretty outstanding, and stands as one of the highest ABV beers we've ever made.

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Früh Bock (Olde Mecklenburg Brewery)

Spring is here, which means lighter beers to pair with the warmer weather.  Leading the charge is Charlotte's Olde Mecklenberg Brewery with the seasonal spring bock.  The NC Beer Guys share their thoughts on this as well as a few other local spring seasonal releases in the video below:

From OMB's website:
In German, Früh means “early,” but it’s also short for Frühling, which means spring. Our seasonal “Spring Bock” captures the promise of warmer days ahead, combining a slight malty sweetness with a refreshing touch of citrus aroma from its noble Bavarian hops. The result is an amazingly fresh, crisp beer that masks a higher alcohol content in its smooth character. There’s no better way to greet a fresh spring day than with spring’s freshest beer: Früh Bock from OMB.

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Municipal Council Meetings 2/29 - 3/4

Flooding seemed to be a recurring theme in this week's council meetings.  Click the links below for the full videos.


- Board authorizes nearly $70,000 in hydraulic studies to develop strategies to combat flooding.
- The town is currently developing an app to allow citizens to report flooding.
- Apparently the type of flooding the area saw during Hurricane Fran in 1996 has been upgraded from "once every 100 years" to "once every 50 years."  Yikes!



- A presentation of the Wake County Transit Plan to the town council did not receive much support from council members.


- Apparently Bela Fleck performed with the NC Symphony a few years ago.  I'm sorry I missed that.  I bet it was really cool.
- The topic of outfitting Raleigh police officers with body cameras will be discussed at the regular session on March 15th.


- It seems the widening of Leesville Road has been a bit of a mess and additional taxpayer dollars will be needed to rectify shoddy work by contractors.



This week's episode of the Horror News Radio podcast features an interview with Andy Mitton (co-director of the supernatural thriller WE GO ON) and a look at the new horror anthology film SOUTHBOUND.

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Paralyzed by his fear of dying, Miles Grissom is offering reward money to the first person who can show him a ghost, an angel, a demon - anything to prove to him that we go on after our deaths. He narrows the responses down to three viable candidates - a scientist, a medium, and a worldly entrepreneur. And along with his protective mother, he embarks on an adventure through Los Angeles that will spiral into an unthinkable nightmare.

Five interlocking tales of terror follow the fates of a group of weary travellers who confront their worst nightmares - and darkest secrets - over one long night on a desolate stretch of desert highway.

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Winter Pruning

Spring is right around the corner!  Hopefully you've checked out our other videos on pruning crape myrtles, liriope, and knockout roses and your landscape is starting to take shape.  Now it's time for the final big push!

The weather this weekend looks a little chilly (upper 50's) but mostly agreeable for working outside, so this is a great chance to get out and work on your hard.

Check out our guide to winter pruning below:

Congratulations!  Your yard is almost ready for spring, and the last few step will be a breeze.  Stay tuned!

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Pruning Liriope:
Pruning Knockout Roses:

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Bhramari Brewhouse (Asheville, NC)

The NC Beer Guys hit the road for a trip to Asheville to check out the brand new Bhramari Brewhouse.  Check out their tour and chat with the owners in the video below:

"Their creative brews and food menu offer a unique Asheville drinking and dining experience. Located at the “gateway to the brewing district”, at 101 South Lexington Avenue, Bhramari aims to be the place to go for a full line up of original beers and beer inspired cuisine!" -NC Beer Guys

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Dirty Commie Heathen (Russian Imperial Stout)

The NC Beer Guys are back and this time their sampling Unknown Brewing Company's DIRTY COMMIE HEATHEN RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT.  Check out Dave and Glenn's thoughts on this brew by watching the episode below.

From their site:
We stepped back into the Unknown today to drink the Dirty Commie Heathen Russian Imperial Stout recently released by the Unknown Brewing Co of Charlotte. This is only the second time ever this beer has been brewed and this version has been tweaked to make it even better. Brad says, “This year's Commie turned out amazing and I think people should hurry up and buy it before I drink it all!” It features over 4,000 pounds of grain used in the brewing process, Michigan tart cherries, and is aged with bourbon barrels. And, unlike the former Soviet Union, this beer ages well!

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Municipal Council Meetings 2/22 - 2/26

In an effort to help our readers and viewers stay connected to their communities, we will attempts to do a weekly roundup of council meetings held in municipalities around the Triangle that week.

The following city/town council meetings were held during the 4th week of February, 2016:


HNR 151 – The Witch

In the latest episode of Horror News Radio, the crew discusses the new period horror film The Witch.

"Is it scary? Is it authentic? Is it any good? Ha! HNR is here to let you know. The film is full of rich atmosphere, great acting, stunning cinematography, creepy music and haunting imagery." -Doc Rotten

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New England, 1630. Upon threat of banishment by the church, an English farmer leaves his colonial plantation, relocating his wife and five children to a remote plot of land on the edge of an ominous forest — within which lurks an unknown evil. Strange and unsettling things begin to happen almost immediately — animals turn malevolent, crops fail, and one child disappears as another becomes seemingly possessed by an evil spirit. With suspicion and paranoia mounting, family members accuse teenage daughter Thomasin of witchcraft, charges she adamantly denies. As circumstances grow more treacherous, each family member’s faith, loyalty and love become tested in shocking and unforgettable ways.

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Night Jump (barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout)

Today we are drinking the Aviator Brewing Company Night Jump, a barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout. "Night Jump pours deep black with a dark roasted head of foam. Note the smell of the barrel and the full scent of the malts. There is a rich flavor complimented by the whiskey barrel aging and the cocoa nibs." Aviator is located at 209 Technology Park Lane in Fuquay Varina, just south of Raleigh. Aviator started in 2008 in an airplane hangar initially brewing in two used 300 gallon dairy tanks. They have come a long way since then and now operate the Aviator Tap House in the old Varina train depot, the Aviator SmokeHouse restaurant as a complement to Aviator Tap House located across Broad street and the Aviator Beer Shop at 601 E. Broad St.

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Skillet Donut Stout

Today we are drinking beer the wildly popular Skillet Donut Stout out of the Burial Beer Co. of Asheville. They say Burial, for some, is a necessary step to reach the afterlife. At Burial Beer Co., they see it as a celebration: of life, of the cyclical nature of harvest and of the brewing process. Of the Skillet Donut Stout, they say "The perfect beer for your morning– a cup of coffee and a chocolate-glazed donut. Just like a well-seasoned skillet, this beer has all the right flavors-thanks to a healthy dose of Nugget hops and milk sugar, 6-row Pale malt from Riverbend Malt House and a 50/50 blend of cold pressed Hologram and Big Trouble coffees from Counter Culture Coffee."

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Homebrewing The Miller’s Toll

Today we are drinking our homebrew version of The Miller's Toll. Atlantic Brew Supply is now offering a homebrew kit of the beer brewed by the Raleigh Brewing Company in Raleigh. Since we "dabble" a little in homebrewing, follow us along as we show you how we brewed this kit from start to finish and then how our version stands up to the real version. 

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The Crime Scene: “Comics in Crime Fiction” with Alex Segura, Erik Arneson, and Tyler Jenkins

Alex Segura (Silent City, Archie Meets Kiss), Erik Arneson (Fortune) and Tyler Jenkins (Peter Panzerfaust, Snow Blind) stop by to discuss “Comics in Crime Fiction” with Eryk Pruitt on THE CRIME SCENE,

Among the many works and authors discussed in this episode are William Gibson, Cormac McCarthy, Patricia Highsmith, THE BLACK HOOD, ARMED GUERRA, Torpedo Books, ALIAS, SCALPED, Ed Brubaker, Rob Hart, CODE NAME: BABOOSHKA, THE JADE CITY CHRONICLES, 100 BULLETS and THE WALKING DEAD.

Plus, get my thoughts on corporal punishment (NOT capital punishment.)




NC Valentine Beers

It’s Super Bowl weekend and we are in Charlotte for the Queen City Brewers Festival and find ourselves here in the shadow of Bank of America Stadium but we wanted to take a minute or two and talk about the next great holiday that’s on the horizon and bring you a sampling of some great NC beers to enjoy with your Valentine on Valentine’s Day next weekend! Show your lover some craft beer love and forget the candy and flowers!

This episode is sponsored by: The Beer Dispensary of Apex

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New Reveille

Carolina Music Award nominees NEW REVEILLE bring their alt-country melodies to the Pour House stage for the season finale of The Setlist! In the green room, the band speaks with Paul West (of the 2 Quarts Podcast) about how the band got its name, family support at shows, and confirming that Kanye West is not a gangsta rapper.

0:00 – Heavy Hands
2:49 – Interview #1
7:45 – Miracle
11:30 – Interview #2
16:45 – Babylon

Daniel Cook – Banjo, guitar & vocals
Amy Kamm – Lead vocals
George Hage – Guitar & vocals
Kaitlyn Grady – Cello & vocals
Autumn Rose Brand – Fiddle & vocals
Casey Austin Allen – Drums
Ryan Jernigan – Bass

NEW REVEILLE are online at:

Paul West is the charming and engaging host of the 2 Quarts Podcast, North Carolina's top podcast about food, beer, music, art, comedy, film, TV, Video Games, Love, and Sasquatch.

The 2 Quarts Podcast can be downloaded on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

The Setlist can be found online at:

Our host, Matt Dunn, can be heard every Thursday from 3-5pm on Little Raleigh Radio.

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RECAP: 4th Annual #FOODBANK24 Telethon

This past weekend, TLTV had the priviledge of joining the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina for their fourth annual telethon.  In the 24 hours from noon on Friday to noon on Sunday, they managed to raise over $40,000.  Since the Food Bank is able to get five meals out of every dollar donated, they will now be able to provide more than 200,000 meals to impoverished families right here in our state.

I'd talk about the importance of this cause or the impact of the event, but host Greg Ng has already done a far better job of that on his blog than I ever could.  I highly recommend reading his blogpost to learn just how big an impact you can have on this issue.

Instead, I'll be talking about my experience at the event itself.  The whole thing was a blast.  After the live stream started at noon, a parade of guests including Mike Maniscalco, the Carolina Roller Girls, Wool E. Bull, and many others stopped by to donate and show their support.  There were songs, cooking demonstrations, and even a cheese tasting contest.  There were also tons of volunteers who stopped by throughout the day to help sort food in the warehouse.

As the program entered the wee hours of the night, Greg attempted to sort 1,000 pounds of sweet potatoes by himself.  This is a job that usually takes four people about two hours to complete, but Greg accomplished the task in just over four and a half hours!

As the sun started to rise, we began our final push toward our goal.  At noon on Saturday it was apparent we'd fallen short of our original goal, but 200,000 meals is nothing to sneeze at and we couldn't be happier about the funds we did manage to raise.  After the donations we totaled and the set was broken down, we all headed home for some much needed rest.  I myself had been up for 36 hours straight (minus the 10 minutes I nodded off in my chair), and even today I still feel a little off.  Nonetheless I had a great time and I'm already looking forward to next year's telethon.

Even though the telethon is over, you can still donate or volunteer at the Food Bank anytime.  Click here to learn how easy it is to make a difference yourself.

Oh, and if you want to see some of the fun we had at the telethon, you can see the whole thing on the Food Bank's YouTube page!  Just click the links below:

Part 1: Noon - 6pm
Part 2: 6pm - Midnight
Part 3: Midnight - 6am
Part 4: 6am - Noon

NC Food Bank 24 Hour Telethon

This Friday, the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina wold hold their 4th annual #FOODBANK24 New Media Telethon.  The event will begin at noon on Friday the 11th and continue until noon on Saturday the 12th, and will be streamed live on the internet through the Food Bank's website.

Their goal this year is to raise $50,000 during the telethon to help provide meals for the thousands of food-insecure families living in our state.  There is still room for more volunteers, so if you or your company would like to participate in the event, click on the link above to learn more about volunteering for or sponsoring this event.

The #FoodBank24 New Media Telethon is a LIVE EVENT shown through our website via UStream for 24 hours straight. The event is hosted by Social Media Ambassador Gregory Ng and will feature fascinating interviews, entertaining activities, and volunteer activities.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection! Simply visit this webpage or go to starting at noon on Friday, September 11. The event will be appear in the box at the top of this page as a live video stream.